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Trauma, Stress and Pain
Pain For More Than 9 Months

What’s the first thing you think when  you injure yourself?

  • How long will this take to heal?
  • How long will I be out of action?
  • What can I do to speed up my recovery?

You might be worried whether you will make a full recovery or if you will be able to get back to all the things you did before the injury. However, if you train through the pain, recovery time is doubled and the injury can get worse.  Over time your immune system can suffer so you  end up with a much bigger problem than an injury.

Inflammation  and pain is a message to your body that it’s not yet ready to heal and repair.

Here is a testimonial from a client in a wheelchair who broke his leg:

“I suffer from Muscular Dystrophy & had a bad accident in August 2019. Fractured above and below my knee and fractured my hip socket. Was in a plaster cast for eight weeks and after coming out of plaster I had a swollen foot and swollen painful knee and tight tendons under the knee.  After one Microcurrent treatment from Marian, the swelling in my foot and in my knee had reduced significantly and there was no pain in my knee.  The treatment was painless and the results were amazing.

Trauma means many things to many people. I believe, from working with many people over the years, that most of us are walking around with low levels of stress and trauma  [low level PTSD] that originate from our childhood.  

The past affects the present even though we are not aware of it. Strange symptoms that no one can explain could be a reaction to a past event that you may not even remember.

We are also not aware of how our body responds to simple, everyday stresses. We have lost the ability to feel sensations in  our body  which happen whenever we experience emotions such as disappointment, sadness, anger and rage.

Since we are a mind/body ‘eco system’ our emotional stress and trauma can show up as physical pain, in other words, our psychological stress and pain can show up as a somatic, physical experience.

In case you’re thinking [when you read this page] “this won’t work for me”;  “I’ve been in pain too long for anything to make a difference” or “I’ve never heard of some of these treatments”,  then this is an opportunity to step outside the conventional medical model for pain and slide into Functional Medicine, Energy Medicine and groundbreaking Frequency treatments.

When you live with long term pain, be it pain from an old injury, gut pain, back or neck pain, it changes you. It changes your thinking, your feelings, your memory, your concentration and your sleep.

Less obvious but still damaging to your health and well-being is that long term pain can lead to raised blood pressure, low immunity, lack of energy and changes to your appetite.  Perhaps you’ve already noticed a few of these symptoms? 

Sadly, when most people get to this point they’re told by their doctor they must learn to live with it.  This usually happens after months of medications or having steroid injections which worked initially and eventually made no difference. They’re a short term solution as an anti inflammatory but not a long term answer to the underlying cause of the pain. 

The most likely cause of your ongoing pain is that pain signals are still active in your nervous system. 

Microcurrent technology for both recent injuries, trauma and long term pain is highly effective.  This testimonial was for an injury that happened 10 years ago.

“It is now almost one month since my micro current treatment with Marian and I have remained pain-free. The most astounding thing about the treatment is that the pain was relieved immediately after the session and has not returned. I am very grateful for her skill set in relieving me of my ankle pain after so long”

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