Specific Frequency Microcurrent

Every tissue in the body has its own frequency which is disrupted by injury or illness. If this happens, the result is pain and the possibility of progressing to illness.

Microcurrent therapy can heal conditions that many medical professionals believe are not treatable.
There are specific frequencies which, when delivered to the body in 0000’s of an amp [microcurrent] reduces inflammation. Whilst there is inflammation, there is no healing and no regeneration of tissue so dealing with the inflammation is key to successful treatment when you’re in pain.
When you receive a treatment using Microcurrent technology it is neither invasive or painful. Most people find it extremely relaxing and fall asleep.

How many treatments you need will depend on how long you’ve been in pain, how bad the pain is and what the original cause of the pain was. Sometimes one treatment is all you need for the body to be re-set and brought back to a stable state of homeostasis.