About Me

I have been in pain.  I know what it’s like when your life revolves around managing your pain. I know what it’s like when you’re in so much pain, you don’t even want to feel clothes against your skin or move your body any more than you absolutely have to.    And it’s for this reason that I am so passionate to help people recover from their injuries, heal from the trauma of accidents and find the answer to why they still have pain, even though the original cause has long since gone.

 I have personally experienced being diagnosed with Lupus, an auto immune condition, because of my pain when all my inflammatory markers were sky high off the chart.  I know what it’s like to keep faith with your own inner wisdom that tells you, despite what the consultants tell you, you do not have an autoimmune disease.  There is something else going on.

Finding the ‘something else’ that keeps you in pain is crucial to your recovery.

We work together to find out what it is that is keeping you stuck.