Stress and Burnout


Is it possible to recover from stress and burnout?

It’s a question I get asked a lot.

“Yes” is the quickest answer.

How fast you recover will depend on how long you’ve been feeling burnt out and the reasons that lead you to becoming burnt out.

If you’re someone who pushes hard, flies high and eventually crashes, the chances are that you have a “I can do everything” personality, which is great and it has a downside too.

You’ve probably spent a lot of life looking after everyone else and not looking after yourself. Your job, your career, children, husband, wife, partner, parents; they have all taken precedence over you and the price you’ve paid is your health.

Burn out creeps up on you, slowly and invisibly. It doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t arrive ‘out of the blue’ although it might appear that way.  

It’s the result of living with a lot of stress; stress that has manifested itself in lots of different ways but if you don’t know what to look for, you just don’t see the symptoms and more importantly, you don’t recognise them for what they are – a warning that things are out of balance. 





And here’s why this is so crucial.  Stress, in whatever shape it takes in your life, will always, always, register somewhere in your body.  Typically though, you can usually explain away the symptoms, so you do nothing. Inevitably,  the stress continues, your symptoms get worse, (or you add a few more), until eventually, you get to a point where your body can adapt no longer.


If you have come to a standstill – no energy, no quality of life, nothing you look forward to, let’s talk. 
In the words of Darcy Bussell “Life is short so go for things you enjoy”.