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You’ve probably arrived at this page because you’re looking for answers that you haven’t yet found going down the conventional medical route.

When you live with long term pain, whether it is pain from an old injury or gut pain or back and neck pain, it changes how you interact with the world because pain doesn’t just affect your body. Your thinking, your feelings, your memory, your concentration and sleep are just a few of the obvious  consequences of living with chronic pain.

Less obvious but still damaging to your health and well being is that long term pain can lead to raised blood pressure, lowered immunity, lack of energy and changes to your appetite. Perhaps you’ve already noticed a few of these symptoms?

Not surprisingly, you can feel very negative about life, especially if you’ve looked for a diagnosis and answers for a long time and not found either a rationale for why you are still in pain or a solution for the pain. Life can look very bleak when you look ahead and see nothing changing.

Sadly, most people get to the point where they are told by their doctor they must learn to live with it.  This usually happens after they have had steroid injections which eventually don’t work. They’re a short term solution as an anti inflammatory but not a long term answer to the underlying cause.

I’ve been in practice for over 20 years and during this time I’ve done a lot of training in different therapies because I learnt a long time ago that one therapy doesn’t work for everyone.

Recently though, I have started using the latest in Micro Current Technology,  used in many clinics in Europe and the USA, for anti-inflammatory programmes, repetitive strain injury, migraines, frozen shoulder and much more.

Here is a testimonial about a back problem after one treatment:

“Truly amazing. With one very sore shoulder and a back that goes out more than I do, I was concerned about my 3 hour flight last week. Last October I could barely walk when I got off a plane and hundreds of pounds spent on treatment hadn’t solved the problem. I am now almost pain free – certainly with much more movement and confidence in my neck, lower back and knees… thanks to Marian’s miraculous machines! The back was injured over 50 years ago, the shoulder 33…..After all these years and having tried a range of therapies, I am now beginning to think there may be hope of being free from pain.” 

And this is after treating a 10 year old ankle injury:

“It is now almost one month since my micro current treatment with Marian and I have remained pain-free. The most astounding thing about the treatment is that the pain was relieved immediately after the session and has not returned. I am very grateful for her skill set in relieving me of my ankle pain after so long”

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